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MMD Facial rename
For the ones who wants to rename the facial in english in the EN tab in PMDE/PMXE
I put the most general facials.
I used Norway here (by Roco), so it can be differents from some other models
Litteral when it's not really supposed to have traduction and I deduced what supposed to be.
I can maybe wrong on some of them and I don't impose the names
JP / EN (litteral)
あ / a

い / i

う / u

え / e

お / o

□ / box

にこ / happy (Nico)

ニカッ / grin (Nika')

ω / omega

ω□ / omega box
えー / er
Er by IggyAlfi2319
:iconiggyalfi2319:IggyAlfi2319 7 7
Apostasia WIP by Artsy-Cup Apostasia WIP :iconartsy-cup:Artsy-Cup 4 6 [MMD x Elsword] Apostasia GIF by Artsy-Cup [MMD x Elsword] Apostasia GIF :iconartsy-cup:Artsy-Cup 8 11
PMX Validation: Every modeler should know and do
tl;dr version:
FOR ALL USER'S SAKE please use PMXEditor to do a PMX check by selecting File --> Validate PMX model (the bottom-most option) and fix the errors reported there before shipping out your edits, so that you don't induce your users with pains in the neck. Especially display-related issues, pretty much everyone fails at that
Full version:
Almost every time, when one uses an edit from dA, he'll inevitably find out there are always problems - after all, nothing can be free of bugs. Serious issues include mis-rigs or rigidbody set-up failure which makes stuff look terrible, but there are also some more subtle ones that most people don't catch immediately, and when the time comes, bite a user in full force.
Normally, bugs are hard to find and fix. But then we're not talking about those complex rig/rigidbody problems here. Instead we'll talk about some PMX validity system-checks and sanity-checks that can be performed by PMXEditor easily, by selecting the bottom-most "Val
:iconpermayuyuko:Permayuyuko 219 75
PMX Error Finder! by kochmann799 PMX Error Finder! :iconkochmann799:kochmann799 241 98 MMD Accessory Pack DL by UnluckyCandyFox MMD Accessory Pack DL :iconunluckycandyfox:UnluckyCandyFox 617 18 Stuffed toy set (fix)-blue demon dl by MikuPirate Stuffed toy set (fix)-blue demon dl :iconmikupirate:MikuPirate 267 6 Stuffed Toy Set dl by MikuPirate Stuffed Toy Set dl :iconmikupirate:MikuPirate 671 0 [MMD Elsword] LIKEY!! by Luminastre [MMD Elsword] LIKEY!! :iconluminastre:Luminastre 4 6



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[MMD-Elsword] Catastrophe DOWNLOAD!
Update: I realize something, Ciel's belt lock not follow his pants :(( Oh man so I have to fix that

Here is download for both Lu and Ciel Catastrophe! Of course making Lu is harder than Ciel (u know fitting, physics is much more) At first I have problem with making her hair physics. But then I ask help from my friend Requieus and do a bit more  experiments, I have fix her hair. And I have also try my best to not make her skin bleed out of clothes, sorry if any still occur.
About Ciel, his coat have knives inside, you all know that right, and sometimes they pop out when he move, sorry because I can't solve that :( 
And yes I have added many sliders, also you can make Lu coat and wings disappear :3 And yeah I have included Lu's claw and manual about how to use it

Preview images:

+Never claim this model yours, always credit me: DarknessMagician and KOG
+You can use this model in shipping
+You can edit and but can't take part, except for the  files I put in the "Pre-resizing" folder and texture of them
+Do not distribute the edit version of yours.
+But if u have fixed any problem in my model (physics and rigging), u can tell me, I will put that updated model for dl and credit u for the fixing
+Do not use for commercial purpose!
~Thank you~

+Base by OurHeartsRhythm, TDA and Stylc (
+Api face from Api Miku model by MamamaP (
+Eye texture by space---cat (…)
+Timora's parts ripped from Elsword using ELS_kom.exe
+Timora rigging and physics by me.

+Abysser's parts ripped from Elsword using ELS_kom.exe
+Abysser rigging and physics by me.
+Base (sorry no more dl):
-Head by ChieTheBeKoN
-Further editing (and custom textures) were done by Creinie (now is kreifish)
-Original data by TDA
+Eye texture by DarknessMagician

+TK GRID floor by TOUKO-P (Dl:…)
+Pose by meeeeeee

-Comment if you download.
-Show me your work if you can because I would love to see it :happybounce: 
Have fun~ :happybounce: 

#Elsword and character belong to KOG
Thanks NotSpheri for giving me a core membership! I think I should use this chance to do something. Maybe changing my nickname, how about changing to DarkMagi XD
Well day by day I got more positive comments and many more support! I get known more. Have to say I reach to this thanks to KOG awesome model parts and their awesome designs, and also the base I use it's good. Without these aspect, I'm nothing :D


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oh you're vietnamese? thats cool! ive been seeing a lot of vietnamese people that like elsword lately, like KiO! i wish i would play elsword again but its gotten too destructive and troublesome across the servers..
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Will you be making a Lord Knight Elsword any time soon? Been searching all over the internet for one and all the links I find are closed or dead.
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You can visiting MY NEW Account Here

But....I'm Not Finish yet.

It just Begin...
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Do you accept commissions/industry work? My studio needs an MMD character done.
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Oh no, I don't accept commissions because I can't modelling my own parts for models, I only can edit stuff, sorry!
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